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Welcome to Tallinn Sydalinna School’s webpage!

Since 2013, our school has been named Tallinna Südalinna Kool (Tallinn Sydalinna School). In 2016 we celebrated our school’s 50th birthday as it was opened in 1966. Since fall of 2015, the school became a Basic School (students are 7-15 years old)  with 373 students in 17 class sets. In fall 2016 we had about 400 students and 30 teachers. Our school is a public school and learning in our school takes place in Estonian. We have a beautiful and renovated building in the city center.

Our school slogan: AB IMO PECTORE! – with all my heart

We also use the slogan: Homey school at the heart of the city

Vision: A good learning environment in the school, which supports the development of each child.

Mission: To ensure the best education for each student according to their abilities.

Sydalinna School’s core values:

  • Our school spirit
  • Collaboration between the school and home
  • Active and healthy lifestyles
  • Interest towards learning and creativity

Tallinn Board of Education’s acknowledgements for our school:

  • Best school website 2013 (Right now we have already new website from February 2017)
  • Innovative act „Robootikaring“ (Robotics) 2013
  • Safe school 2013
  • Nominee for best good deed of the year 2013
  • Best personnel project in educational facility 2014
  • School with a good study environment 2015
  • IT innovation contest nominee „Idea of digital 2015“

Tallinn Board of Education’s acknowledgements for our teachers:

  • Best class teacher (2015)
  • Best basic school teacher (2014, 2016)
  • Best youth recreation leader (2014)

For more information about Tallinn Sydalinna School:

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3rd grade – Folk dancing at our Christmas party
4th grade – Song, dance and flute playing at our Christmas concert for parents

More information about our school

 Our students are learning English starting from grade 1, Russian or German starting from grade 6.

All 1st grade students begin with digital learning and robotics as part of their curriculum.

We have a future classroom (3D printer, TV, Smart-board, I-pads, new and flexible furniture, etc) as of 2015.

Future classroom – innovative furniture and IT technology for learning

Formative assessment is used with primary school students (grades 1-3).

Our students wear school uniform every day.

1st grade students at September 1st public ceremony

Sometimes our learners have digital learning days, when they do not attend school and they receive and submit independent assignments via Internet.

The last day of each trimester is a project day for the whole school.

Each day our students spend at least one 20-minute break in our schoolyard, where they can play football or ride a bicycle, etc.

In our school, there are over 20 different after school activities (sport, music, dance, art, mind games, etc). Many of the activities are free of charge.

School also offers an after school programme until 4 pm  and after that children can stay in school if they take part in any of the several trainings we offer.
Often our school organizes various events, such as handicrafts workshops, concerts and sports activities for our students’ families.

Foreign language week – 8th grade theatre performance in German
1st grade – programming robots in a math lesson
Sports day for families at the school stadium
Mathable and Scrabble competition in the school ceremonial hall
Winter sports like skiing and skating are part of the school day in winter time
Foreign language week – 6th grade dance and song performance in Russian
Cooking competition for boys in our school cooking class
8th grade on a canoeing trip